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Upcoming Auditions


Written by:  A.R. Gurney
Directed by: Susan Plee

Audition dates: Sunday, Feb 5th 2-4pm and Monday, Feb 6th 6-8pm

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.


Audition location

Beckwith Theatre

100 New York Ave

Dowagiac, MI 49047


Production Dates
Friday, Apr 14th 7;30pm, Saturday, Apr 15th 7:30pm, Sunday, Apr 16th 2:00pm

Friday, Apr 21st 7;30pm, Saturday, Apr 22nd 7:30pm, Sunday, Apr 23rd 2:00pm

The story

Greg and Kate have moved to Manhattan after twenty-two years of child-raising in the suburbs. Greg’s career as a financial trader is winding down, while Kate’s career, as a public school English teacher, is beginning to offer her more opportunities. Greg brings home a dog he found in the park—or that has found him—bearing only the name “Sylvia” on her name tag. A street-smart mixture of Lab and poodle, Sylvia becomes a major bone of contention between husband and wife. She offers Greg an escape from the frustrations of his job and the unknowns of middle age. To Kate, Sylvia becomes a rival for affection. And Sylvia thinks Kate just doesn’t understand the relationship between man and dog. The marriage is put in serious jeopardy until, after a series of hilarious and touching complications, Greg and Kate learn to compromise, and Sylvia becomes a valued part of their lives.



Sylvia (Female, 20s) – A stray dog found by Greg; she is lively and expressive, attractive; though she does not move on hands and knees for most of the play she will at times and, the role requires a degree of physicality and an ability to be uninhibited; actress should be convincing as a cute, bouncy female “labradoodle.” Strong comedic timing is essential.

Greg (Male, 40s, 50s) – Displays a wide range of quiet male emotion; he loves his suddenly–adopted dog Sylvia but seems to be going through an early midlife crisis in his work and his marriage.

Kate (Female, 40s, 50s) – Greg’s wife is a strong woman whose teaching career is on an upswing; she has little use for Greg’s issues and even less for his newfound best friend, Sylvia.

Tom, Phyllis, Leslie (Any Age – Actor plays all three roles) – Ideally, these characters are played by one single actor (but director may consider additional casting). Tom is a regular macho guy who educates Greg about dog ownership.  Phyllis is a hotshot Manhattanite, Kate’s friend from college, and is prone to drama and drinking. Leslie is a psychotherapist whose gender is open to question.

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